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Moonstone: Mystic Stones Series #2

Moonstone: Mystic Stones Series #2
Kayla Curry
Status: Unreleased

Progress: Accepted by my publisher, editing process will begin soon. Hoping for an August release!


At a hotel in Richmond, Virginia a chance meeting occurs between Aila Myles and Dorin Dimir. Aila sees Dorin as a hansom foreigner with charming ways. Dorin sees Aila as his next meal.

The only problem? Aila wears a protective ring that keeps her safe from monsters she didn’t even know existed—monsters like Dorin. Unfortunately, the curse he shares with his brother makes it even more difficult to take blood from unsuspecting prey, but as Dorin pursues Aila, he finds that he’s having strange feelings for the first time in over one hundred years.

Dorin and Aila’s affair isn’t as private as they thought. It’s also the concern of his brother and the powerful Vampire Emperor. Can Dorin have his cake and eat it too? Or will Aila prove to be more than just a menu item?

Time Period: April 26, 2013 - July 5, 2013


Aila Myles

Dorin Dimir

Andrei Dimir
Bill Cromwell
Kitty and Brian Myles
Carmen, Steve and Collin Anderson
Emperor Heath Weatherly

Empress Iris Weatherly
 Richmond, Virginia
Science Museum of Virginia
Barboursville Vineyards

Miami, Florida
West Palm Beach, Florida

New York, New York

London, United Kingdom

Yellow Knife, Northwest Territories, Canada

Bucharest, Romania
Dorin's Home, Romania