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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ava Tanner (Spoiler Alert)

Ava Tanner is the heroine of Obsidian. Her story focuses on the uprising of the Vampire Empire as the vampires reveal their plan for the world to her. The virus has just been unleashed causing all devices that use satellite technology to become useless. Her love affair with the vampire Tom is short lived and she finds a new love in Jesse. She also finds out that she's more powerful than she ever dreamed and that her mother shared the same power before she died.

Full name: Ava Mae Tanner
Lives in: Hilo, Hawaii

Age: 24
Hair: Dark brown and long
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Account Manager at Herrick-Peyton
Status: Siren

  • Mind control over men with singing
  • Call to sea animals
  • Control over the ocean waters
  • Ability to channel lightning
  • Healing powers
  • Can't be too far from the ocean
  • Can be killed with olivine
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