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Monday, January 14, 2013

What do Vampires and Obsidian Have in Common?

What do Vampires and Obsidian Have in Common?

Kayla Curry’s novel “Obsidian” will take you on an adventure that you won’t soon forget.

Imagine living in the beautiful setting of Hawaii – tropical vistas, beautiful ocean views, blooming romances.

There is action and adventure, too! Ava Tanner and her friends are forced to encounter vampires and their human counterparts time and again. They battle this new take on vampires from Hawaii, the Pacific Ocean, and the Western United States.

Amazon Kindle users have had their say as well:

Pure action is never further than a page or two,” says David J. Kirk.

Curry creates a unique world of vampire politics populated by richly-drawn characters with complex emotions and relationships,” says BooksForever.

What an amazing story - I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful read,” says Steve Jensen.

One of the major responses to the book has been Curry’s ability to use our constant need and growing devoutness to technology against us as a human species. Want to know what I’m talking about?

You’ll have to get your copy of “Obsidian” today! You’ll get to experience Ava’s adventure alongside her – and understand why there has been such a great response to the first book in the Mystic Stones Series by Kayla Curry.

Find out why Thomas Winship wrote, “Curry delivers a tale that is original and innovative,” in his Goodreads review!

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