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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Content from Blog Tour: Post #11 Paranormal Beings

BEWARE! This post contains spoilers in the second half!
Obsidian and the upcoming books in the Mystic Stones Series has a range of paranormal beings. Today we’ll talk about the ones that appear or are mentioned in Obsidian.

Paranormal Being #1 VAMPIRES:

The vampires in Obsidian are unique because they can only be killed by obsidian to the heart. They do not need to fear sunlight or silver or wooden stakes for that matter. They are strong, fast and have superior senses. They crave blood but the cravings can be minimized by the consumption of chocolate or wine.

Paranormal Being #2 WITCHES:

Witches don’t make an appearance in Obsidian but they are mentioned. They will be more prominent in later books in the series. Witches in the Mystic Stones Series often specialize in a certain area of magic. Some are good at putting spells on stones, others are able to transport from one place to any other place in the world. Witches must study their craft to see where their strengths are. They also have their own language of symbols that evolves within each family.

Paranormal Being #3 SPOILER ALERT! SIRENS:

In Obsidian you find out that Ava Tanner is a siren. She doesn’t know this yet because her mother never got the chance to tell her. Siren’s in Obsidian have the power to control men and animals of the sea with their songs, some can control the weather, some can control the ocean and some can even see into the future. Sirens are born to other sirens and only women can be sirens. Sirens live can live forever, but olivine (A green rock that looks like peridot) can kill them. They also cannot be very far from the ocean. Going too far inland will make them sick and weak enough to kill without olivine.


Jesse Sutton is a unique individual in Obsidian. He has been cursed by a witch to turn to stone during the night. He is also immortal and as strong as a vampire, but not as fast. He has lived a mysterious life and we are only beginning to see what he has done in his cursed life.