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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Content from Blog Tour: Post #6 Interview with Hiu

Here is an interview with Hiu Kalei:

Kayla: So Hiu, Howzit?

Hiu: Howzit, Kayla! Just hangin’ local style.

Kayla: How is Kapono?

Hiu: He wen surfin’ da onreal waves! He make act, but I tell him no make ass.

Kayla: He is quite the show-off.

Hiu: He got no shame!

Kayla: So in the book, you say a lot of things my readers may not understand. Can you explain some of the words and phrases you use?

Hiu: Sure ting!

Kayla: Okay, so the first one I have is “make-die-dead.” What exactly does that mean?

Hiu: It means that someone or something is REALLY dead. A car battery that needs a jumpstart is just dead, but a vampire that I stab with one obsidian dagger is make-die-dead.

Kayla: I see. Okay, well the next one is something that Kapono said. He said to you, “Things are getting funny ‘round here. I ‘bout had-it with these lolo guys.”

Hiu: When Kapono said, “Things are getting funny ‘round here.” It doesn’t mean there’s a clown on the docks, it means things are getting crazy—hectic. When he said, “I ‘bout had-it with these lolo guys.” It meant he was fed up with these stupid guys.

Kayla: Okay, so he was having a bad day because of the guys who couldn’t understand that there was no more room at the docks?

Hiu: Right.

Kayla: One more for you, what does futless mean?

Hiu: It means you are frustrated. Things can make you futless, like when they put a tracking device on my boat--that made me futless!

Kayla: Yes, that was rather evil of Tom.

Hiu: No one touches Palila without my permission.

Kayla: Okay, I think that’s pretty clear. I’ll catch you later, Hiu!

Hiu: Leddahs!

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